Dokuz Eylul University


The proposal for the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences was made first as a “Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology”  in 2015 by Deputy Manager Prof. Dr. Günay Kırkım under the leadership of Atilla Akkoçlu who is  the director/the administrator of the Vocational Health High School. With the demand of the Higher Education Council, the name of the technology was removed and Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Health Sciences was established as the 15th faculty of our university in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 13 June 2016 and numbered 2016/8969 and published in the Official Newspaper dated 03 August 2016 and numbered 29790.

Universities should have universal values that can be expressed as research, higher education, the production and dissemination of knowledge. Based on these universal values, there is a need for successful health service practitioners and employees who are open to technological and scientific developments with ethical values and active in human and community health services, which are developed with modern methods based on information and technology. The Faculty of Health Sciences aims to educate the health sector professions, who investigate and interrogate continuously for development of society in where they are found, work active in development of human and society health and improving patient safety in the our coutry and are accepted to scientific education at national and international level. Considering the needs of our country and the needs of the society, the establisment of the deparments mentioned below was proposed to the senate of our university on 19.12.2017 by the decision of the faculty board. In 2018, these deparments were opened with the decision taken by the Higher Education Council in accordance with the Article 7 /d-2 of the Law No. 2880 and the Article 3 of the Law no 2908.

-Department of Audiology  (Prof. Dr. Günay Kırkım, Head of Deparment)

-Department  of Speech and Language Therapy (Prof. Dr. Gülmira Kuruoğlu, Head of Deparment)

-Department of Nutrition and Dietetics (Yard. Doç. Dr. Rüksan Çehreli, Head of Deparment)

The three departments of our faculty are continuing their studies to start education in the 2019- 2020 academic year. The faculty started its first activities in 2016-2017 in a room allocated to it on the 1st floor of the Dean’s Office building of the Faculty of Medicine. In 2019, ıt moved to the 2nd floor of the Classrooms Building of the Faculty of Medicine.


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