About-History (Audiology)

Introducing and History

It is considered by Audiology Department of Dokuz Eylül University in the gathering occurred in 17.01.2018 and It is deemed appropriate to open with Higher Education Law No. 2547 in accordance with Article 7 / d-2 of the Law numbered 2880 and Article 3 of Law No. 2809.

Audiology is a science field that deals with normal hearing and balance functions, also studies to prevent hearing and balance disorders; including self-test methods for the assessment and detection of hearing and balance disorders, depending on the determined disorder, Audiology contains the necessary approaches including appropriate device selection and application.

The application authority of the field of Audiology science and health is represented by the member of the profession is called ‘’Audiologist’’.Audiology; as the year 2011, recognized as a defined and official profession by the Turkish Government. According to this definition;Audiologist, graduated from faculties or schools offering bachelor’s degree in audiology, is a healthcare personnel who studies for the prevention of hearing and balance controls, and the prevention of hearings disorders, determines the devices for diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing, balance disorders depending on the diagnosis and the guidance of the specialist physician.


Career Field

Audiology, with the help of a specialist, can perform diagnostic tests and its rehabilitation in addition to this case; he or she can make choices about determining what device to use and its schedule. Moreover, an audio log studies hindering hearing loss. Audiology takes part in hearing screening programs and performs tests in this program and makes recommendations about the protection of hearing by making noise measurements. Makes nerve monitoring related to hearing and balance if necessary during surgical procedures. He or she makes device adjustments during and after surgery on the devices implanted in the ear. Carries out auditory perception assessment and rehabilitation and works in the preparation of educational programs related to hearing and balance.


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